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# Automotive Drive-Systems
#### Module description:
##### valid for matriculations after 2012
**Lecturer:** Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Weidner
**Teaching language:** English
**Contact hours/credits:** 4 hour per week, 5 credits (ECP)
**Course objectives:**
>>* On the completion of this course the students should be able to give a quantitative contribution to the environmental discussion on motor vehicles
>>* They will do calculations to the longitudinal dynamics and the demand for energy of cars
>>* They can evaluate conventional and alternative drive systems concerning the demand for energy
**Course contents:**
>>* Rolling- and Air Resistance
>>* Total Driving Resistance.Power and Energy for Given Driving Cycles
>>* Maps of Combustion Engines
>>* Transmission Layouts and Gear Ratios (Spreads)
>>* Calculation of Fuel Consumption. Efficiency Maps of DC- and AC-Motors
>>* Adaption of Electric Motors to Vehicles. Calculation of Driving Range of Electric Cars
>>* Layouts of Hybrid Drive Systems. Calculation of Consumption of Hybrid Drive Systems
>>* Fuelcells and their Parameters
**Teaching method:** Lecture
**<span style="color:green">Grading:</span>** Written Test 120 min
**Work load:** Presence 60 h + self study 90 h = 150 hours = 5 Credit Points
**Literature:** Naunheimer, Bertsche, Lechner: Fahrzeuggetriebe, Springer Verlag